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Enhance your business mobile apps to help your customers be more effective, more productive, and more connected. Simply snap our powerful business tools into your app.

Designed for business productivity

Unlock the true potential for broader organization engagement. Until now, business communication has been isolated from the process automation made possible by the apps. We build powerful tools that deliver business efficiency by converging enterprise and mobile communications with your innovative app.
Beyond realtime communications like messaging, presence states, voice, video, and location info, we are creating toolkits for enterprise communication integrations, rich analytics with deep search, and support for intelligent bots.

It’s not just a bucket of parts

Where others may offer a one-size-fits-all API for you to build into your app, we provide fully functional "sub-assemblies" designed with business communication in mind.

For maximum flexibility, choose from our SDK/APIs or widgets. The SDK/API kit is a set of modular building blocks created to conform to your app’s unique business process flow. Widgets are for simpler integration and can help you get early feedback from your customers.

The faster you can iterate, the faster you get to minimum viable product. For an added bonus, our different packages talk to each other, providing additional integrated functions to build out your app portfolio.

Don’t see what you like? Let’s work together to customize the right combination that suits your use case.

Use Cases

All business processes involve actors, events, and conversations. Sometimes between systems. Often between people. Explore our selected use cases to see how you can make your app more interactive

Service ETA

Deliver automated SMS notifications to customers to let them know when key events in your business process have occurred. You decide what to notify and for what purpose. Text notification is then sent as originating from your customer's business. Notification context is preserved for rich analytics. Great service examples include customer notification of appointment details, service tech assignments, tech’s estimated time of arrival, tech now on site, and job completed with a thank you.

Find an Expert

As teams grow in size, knowing who has certain skills, expertise, certifications, and licensing can sometimes be a challenging task and often left to tribal knowledge. With Find an Expert, you can use skills-based routing and realtime presence to determine who the right team members are to resolve an issue or answer a critical question. Choose to engage the expert with messaging, voice, or video.

Location Tracking

Geo-location tracking allows realtime, on-demand location reporting to get a fix on where a user of your app may physically be. Should you choose to include them in your app, you can activate location breadcrumbs to archive timestamped location information that can be collected over time. This helps managers optimize process flow and execution, create precise estimation of mean time to delivery, and measure average task duration.

Team Conversations

Team Conversations include comprehensive messaging, voice, and video calling between team members. In this use case, communications can be between team members or across the group. Team list management and presence updates are included, as well as picture, video, general file sharing, offline messaging, and delivery receipts. Persistent message history is preserved and rendered inside your app with deep search capability.

Employee Timecard

The Employee Timecard use case combines timestamp, presence, and geo-location information to verify that a worker has clocked in at the business office, customer site, or other valid location. Presence updates are captured when the employee breaks for lunch, personal appointments, or clocking out for the day.

Intelligent Dispatch

Intelligent Dispatch makes it simple and straightforward to find the optimal employee for a task. It does so by combining skills, location, availability, schedule, and intelligent analytics. Use this to select the best team (or individual) in an ad hoc fashion – find the right resources with the right skills that are ready to go.

See it Now

With See it Now, you can provide live, high definition video feeds to other team members inside your app. Realtime video interaction provides See it Now context to the given activity. This use case has wide application across field service, insurance, and support domains.


These are the building blocks we use to create the capabilities you snap right into your business app.

Advanced Messaging

Rich team messaging for one-to-one chat or ad hoc group chat with message delivery to offline users (store-and-forward). IT includes live indicators for user typing, message delivered, and message read. Share photos, videos, or files with other team members. The persistent content archive allows you to render chat content history inside the app and enables multi-device access.

Voice and Video

Voice and video calling delivered in standard and high definition quality, for either one-to-one or ad hoc conferencing. The calling feature is modeled such that a developer need not worry about the signaling handshake or media details. Whether the call is voice or video, one-to-one or multi-leg, these details are simply passed as attributes to the calling function.

Team List

The team list provides easy access to a rich, presence-enabled contact list that can be used to set up voice, video calling or chat with other team members. The default team list gets set up automatically for all the provisioned users of a business account. Create smaller, narrowly focused team lists based upon business specific requirements such as location, department, or work-group.


The presence management framework offers time and space context of users and systems. The framework includes simple availability (online, offline, in-a-call) and location. Also supported are customizable state attributes to represent contextual business events.

Location Service

Location retrieval delivers exact latitude/longitude data for the subscriber's device, adding a precise physical dimension to your app. Location tracking can be optionally enabled to archive location history for analytics.

Deep Search

Timestamped analytics about realtime activity is correlated, mediated, archived, and available for deep search. Parameterized search options are supported across multiple data objects, including conversations, presence, SMS, location, and photo/video/file transfer metadata.